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Menos Waste Workshops

Maricruz twisting a spice grinder into a blender at a workshop where she teaches how to make green smoothie.

Want to add a little ECO spice to your next event?

Whether you are having a sustainability fair, earth day celebrations at the office, greenfest at school or simply want to start a conversation about sustainability with your community, I’ve got a workshop for that.


  • Food Waste 101
  • Cooking with scraps
  • Greenwashing 101
  • Sustainability as a form of RESISTANCE
  • Running a Holistically Sustainable Small Business
  • Product cycle 101
  • What is Holistic Sustainability

Workshops can be virtual or in-person. All are super interactive and adapted to audience age, size and event. Cost of workshops are on a sliding scale and depends on client’s situation. A workshop request will never be declined due to lack of funding, I am willing to work with you to make it happen.

What’s Included:

  1. Brainstorming call with me before the event (15 min)
  2. Social Media flyer to promote workshop
  3. 1 hour workshop (can be flexible)
  4. Access to a FREE take home resource for all attendees