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Eco Power Hour


One-on-one power hour with Dra. Menos Waste herself! You’ll have one hour to discuss any sustainability problems (or opportunities for growth!) for your new business, project, event or product. The sky is the limit! Maricruz has over 5 years experience starting, growing and sustaining small businesses (as well as a few failures) so she can help you in making the sustainable decisions for you, your wallet and the planet.


You already know, as Tu Amiga in Sustainability I can confidently say… I gotchu. In this power hour together, we can dive deep into whatever sustainability waters you want to dive into. Whether you are starting a small business, launching a new product, planning an event or simply need professional guidance on making the sustainable decision for your company, I am here for you.

After this power hour, you will leave with an actionable list that you can use to achieve your goals. This is not just a good cafecito chat with a friend (although it might feel like it!), we are getting down to business and finding solutions to your problems. With over 5 years of experience building sustainable small businesses, I have the expertise to guide you in the right direction when it comes to making sustainable choices for you, your wallet and the planet. That’s the Menos Waste way 😉


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